In 1995, We set sail with our dreams and determined to revitalize the motherland with education and repay the country with industry.


The First Stage

Form a complete education system ranging from kindergarten to university for undergraduates and a diversified business spanning real estate, international trade, hotels, Sci & Tech.

Since 2006

The Second Stage

Focus on real estate strategically and accumulate wealth in compliance with the environment so as to better contribute to education and public welfare.

Since 2017

The Third Stage

Gathering elites and optimizing arrangement, the company ranks the world's top 500 and reaches a new level.

  • In 1995

    Yango pioneered to establish Sunshine International School in Wolong Mountain, Mawei District, Fuzhou City, which is one of the first Class-A private schools in Fuzhou and has among the top 10 architectural landscapes in Fuzhou.

    Yango invested to build Fujian Sunshine Holiday Hotel.

    Yango carried out international trade. The group was formerly the International Trade Department of Yango Group, a listed company, and the Non-ferrous Metals Trade Department of Fujian Sunshine Group.

  • In 1996

    Yango established Fujian Yango Real Estate Co., Ltd., and developed Fuzhou Yango City and Xiamen Yanghong New Town.

  • In 2001

    Yango founded the Yango College of Fuzhou University, the first independent college in Fujian Province.

  • In 2002

    Through merger & reorganization, Yango established Shishi Xinfa, predecessor company of Yango Group (000671.SZ) .

    Yango invested Fujian Star-net Co., Ltd. (002396.SZ).