The Last Hurrah in 2019: Longking wins three state-level honors again

【Published: 2020-01-02】

Recently, the China Environmental Protection Industry Association announced the winners of the "2019 Environmental Technology Progress Award". Fujian Longking Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries have successfully completed the year 2019 with the success of winning three awards. 

The "Environmental Technology Progress Award" was established by the China Environmental Protection Industry Association in 2018 to promote the technological progress of environmental protection industry with scientific and technological awards. It was officially included in the "Catalogue of Social Science and Technology Awards" issued by the State Office of Science and Technology Awards in March this year and has become an important national social science and technology award in the field of ecological environment.

This time, a total of 49 projects across the country have been awarded the "2019 Environmental Technology Progress Award". Among them, the "Key Technologies and Applications for Efficient and Collaborative Control of Multi-pollutants in Industrial Smoke" project jointly developed by Xikuang Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. has become the only special award. Fujian Longking Co., Ltd. "Sintering (Pellet) Flue Gas Multi-pollutant Dry Collaborative Purification Technology and Device" project has won the first prize and the "Industrial Large Ozone Generator" project of New World Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. has won the second prize.

At present, with the concept of protecting the ecological environment and promoting the construction of ecological civilization deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the requirements for the governance effect are getting higher and higher. Key technology research and development and core equipment manufacturing have become the core competitiveness of environmental protection enterprises. As an enterprise that has focused on research and development and application in the field of environmental protection for more than 40 years, Fujian Longking Co., Ltd. has already achieved technological leadership in many environmental protection fields.

So far, Fujian Longking Co., Ltd. has won three national science and technology progress awards. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has identified itself as a "Single Champion Demonstration Enterprise in Manufacturing Industry". It has several national science and technology innovation platforms, undertaken more than 90 national and local science and technology innovation projects, granted more than 870 patents, and formulated more than 110 national and industry standards.


On the basis of maintaining its existing advantages, it actively creates and leads new technologies, expands many environmental protection fields including environmental detection, solid waste treatment, water pollution control, soil and ecological restoration, and has developed into a "five-in-one" ecological environmental protection comprehensive enterprise integrating environmental detection, system solution provision, high-end equipment manufacturing, pollution control and intelligent environmental protection operation.

Lately, Longking's application for issuing 2 billion yuan of convertible bonds was unconditionally approved by the CSRC, of which 1.05 billion yuan was used for the company's product research and development and intelligent manufacturing. However, Fujian Longking Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries have received a total of over 104 million yuan of various government subsidies so far this year, which also reflects Longking's emphasis on technology and innovation and its achievements.