Billion Yuan Public Welfare Fund from Yango Partners to Celebrate New China's 70th Anniversary

【Published: 2019-09-23】

On September 20, the second executive group learning meeting and partner award ceremony of Yango board of directors was held in Fuzhou Yango University. At the meeting, Yango honored the company's partners and announced the establishment of a 100 million yuan Yango partners' public welfare fund to present the 70th anniversary of new China.



In June last year, Yango launched the "100 Partners Plan" and honored the first group of "Global Partners and Senior Partners". The list of the second group of "Senior Partners" and the first group of "Partners" launched this time was formed after repeated deliberation and full discussion by the board of directors, which marked the further improvement of the Yango multi-level partner plan.

The global partner is the leader who dominates and participates in the overall development strategy and business layout of the group and exerts the full industrial chain and overall influence. Senior partners are the backbone force to ensure the sustained and healthy development of the company and to continuously enhance the market competitiveness and value creativity of the industrial sector where the company is located. The partner is the executive backbone responsible for the company's strategic landing, professional management or project implementation.


Photo: Global Partners 



Photo: Senior Partners




Photo: Partners

Becoming a Yango partner is both an honor and a responsibility. Since we are partners, we must have entrepreneurship, drive common development and always try our best. Since he is a partner, he is bound to highly agree with the vision and mission of Yango from his inner heart and keep the same pace with Yango culture. Since you are a partner, you must have abundant physical strength and strong learning ability to contribute to the development of the company and create value.

Establishment of a billion yuan Public Welfare Fund

This awarding ceremony is held at the same day with the seventieth anniversary of the founding of new China. As for Yango partners, the achievements we made are attributed to not only our efforts but also this great era. Only when there is a great era can we have a great cause, and it is the national development that have brought us progress. To this end, Yango Partners Charity Fund, which represents the glory, mission and responsibility of 100 elites, was formally established at the meeting.


The Yango Partner Public Welfare Fund has reached 100 million yuan. A special fund is set up under the name of the partner's elders or family members, of which the global partner amount is 2 million yuan, the senior partner amount is 1 million yuan, and the partner amount is 500,000 yuan. The fund is entrusted to a professional wealth company for financial management. The annual return on investment is used to fund public welfare undertakings such as education, helping the elderly and the poor in the partners' hometown, giving back to the hometown, so that the Yango people's initial intention to " Rejuvenating the Country by Improving Education and Serving the Country by Developing Industries" can be continued and passed on to the partners.


The platform for all talents in the world

How tall a tree can grow depends on its genes and soil. As early as when Yango was established, it regarded "professional managers" as "partners" and established a modern corporate governance system. In the 24 years since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the top-level design of "elite governance, separation of powers, full authorization and partnership mechanism" and has integrated internal and external resources to create an elite group of talents "who know how to do business, are highly dedicated and stay true to original aspirations".


Facing the future, Yango will always adhere to the values of "Simplification & Integrity; Result-oriented Development; Mutual Benefit" and aspire to become an enterprise that promotes both commercial and social progress and a platform for all talents in the world.