We Reap What We Sow: Engraved Moments of YANGO in 2019

【Published: 2020-01-06】

Yango, established in 1995, is a large investment holding company gathering environmental protection, education, real estate, finance, international trade and investment. In 2019, Yango ranked the 368th among Fortune Global 500.

  • Top 368! Stay on a position among Global Fortune 500

Yango Longking Group has been among the world's top 500 for three consecutive years, ranking 368th in 2019, up 96 from 2018. It also ranked 95th among Chinese top 500 enterprises.

  • The singing of Yango rings across the country

Produced by Xinhua News Agency, Yango devotes itself to the full network of MV "Where Yango Is, Where A Dream Is" created by Sun Nan. It is a tribute to the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, with a cumulative spread of more than 10 million people.

  • Won the commemorative medals of "Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China"

Five members of Longking won the commemorative medals of "Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China" issued by the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and the Central Military Commission. They are respectively: Lin Tengjiao, an advanced individual with national unity and progress; Lin Bing, a national outstanding party worker; Xiu Haiming, Huang Wei and Lin Guoxin who have won The National Science and Technology Progress Award.

  • Yango Health sails to develop in new area 

Yango Health Industry Company, a health care industry platform owned by Yango, and Australia's Royal Australian Home Care Group (RDNS) have jointly established a joint venture to develop health care.

  • Ban Ki-moon visits Yango Holdings Building

The "For a Better Future-Entrepreneur's Power" Closed-door Exchange Conference jointly organized by Yango and Mashima Island was held in Yango Holdings Building in Shanghai's North Bund area. More than 20 representatives of Chinese entrepreneurs and Ban Ki-moon, the 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations and chairman of the Boao Forum for Asia, discussed how to exert the influence of business leaders and seek sustainable development.

  • Second executive group learning meeting of board of directors: hundreds of partners set up a billion yuan Public Welfare Fund 

The second executive group learning meeting and partner award ceremony of the board of directors of Yango was held in Fuzhou Yango University. More than 500 senior executives and management trainees from holding company and its six major industries gathered to talk about the growth path of "building high-income enterprises".

At the meeting, the board of directors of Yango honored the company's 100 "global partners, senior partners and partners" and announced the establishment of a Yango Partners Public Welfare Fund with a total size of 100 million yuan to present a gift to the seventieth anniversary of new China.

In December, Liao Jianfeng Public Welfare Fund, the first project of Yango Partner Public Welfare Fund, was established. In the future, Yango will continue to push the partners' special public welfare fund to be fully launched and implemented in batches, so as to contribute to the development of national public welfare undertakings.

  • Either reading or exercising, you have to choose a suitable course of growth

Around the Yango culture, a learning organization of 20,000 people has been established. Every day, Yango people are learning through. A total of 598 special topic sharing articles were published throughout the year, totaling 1,091,771 words of learning materials. Among them, Yango group held 121 online and offline learning activities throughout the year, with a total of 11,955 people taking the Yango Culture Examination.

From 6: 30 to 7: 30 every day in the past year, you can see 3,036 employees from Yango's six major industries have started a day of morning exercises.

This year, Yango welcomed the 11th Sports Meeting, with nearly 2,000 participants from 26 teams of its six major industrial groups gathering at Yango University.

Fujian Longking Co., Ltd.(600388.SH)

A leading enterprise in China's environmental protection industry and the world's largest developer and manufacturer of equipment for air environmental protection. During the past 40 years, focusing on R&D and application in environmental protection industry, it has developed into an integrated enterprise that promotes the progress of environment monitoring, system solution provision, high-end equipment manufacturing, pollution control and environmental protection smart operation.

  • Still powerful! Longking ranked Top 1 in the industry with its comprehensive strength

Longking ranked 41st among Top 100 enterprises in China's machinery industry. According to the 2018 industry news released by China Electricity Council, Longking has eight businesses that ranked first in the country. 

  • Aim for a comprehensive enterprise in ecological environmental protection with the development of multiple businesses 

Longking maintained the status of leading global air control enterprise and has developed into an integrated enterprise that promotes the progress of environment monitoring, system solution provision, high-end equipment manufacturing, pollution control and environmental protection smart operation. Now, it has made breakthroughs in various fields such as industrial wastewater treatment, ecological restoration, solid waste disposal, and garbage power generation.

  • Occupy a leading position by business performance with rapid growth of new businesses

Revenue breaks industry growth record

In the first three quarters of 2017, the figure reached 4.971 billion yuan, which reached 5.657 billion yuan and 7.865 billion yuan respectively at the same stage in 2018 and 2019.

The orders in hand indicates future large-scale profits.

In 2019, the company obtained new orders with a value of 14.5 billion yuan. From January to October 2019, the contract concerning dry ultra-clean plus technology alone has exceeded 4 billion yuan. 

Initial achievements in other environmental protection fields except air pollution control

Businesses in soil remediation, sludge drying and VOCs treatment continued to expand. The water treatment and environmental protection transportation equipment have achieved large-scale profits.

  • Devote to improving scientific and technological strength to build itself the most innovative enterprise in the industry

Its “Whole process collaborative control and application of ultra-low emission of sulfur and nitrogen pollutants in coal-fired power plants" won the second prize of the National Awards for Science and Technology. Its “Key technology and application for efficient and collaborative control of multi pollutants in industrial flue gas", “Dry collaborative purification technology and device of multi pollutants in sintering (pellet) flue gas", and “Large industrial ozone generator" won the special prize, the first prize and the second prize of the Awards for Environmental Technology Progress respectively. Its "Integrated technology and application of HLG dry process deep purification and in-situ recycling of converter gas" won the second prize of National Awards for Sci & Tech Environmental Protection.

Yango Education Group

Owning more than 200 high-class kindergartens, more than 40 K12 (a set of education system ranging from kindergarten to twelfth grade) schools (including Yango International School, Peiwen School of Peking University and its chain schools, Boya International Academy, Yango Academy, and other chain Peiwen schools, etc.), and 1 independent undergraduates university (Yango University) across the country.

  • Create a first-class and characteristic private university in China with worldwide influence

According to the 2020 China University Evaluation and Research Report, Yango University ranked 26th among the nation's private universities, up 17 from last year. It ranked 7th among private universities founded by founded by universities that participate in “Double First-Class” Initiative of China, up 2 from last year. In 2019, its annual projects in The National Social Science Fund of China ranked 290th in universities across the country and 2nd in 417 private undergraduate universities.

  • Send far and wide to invite men of ability, and then grow up together 

Adhere to the strategy of strengthening schools with talents and create the "Project of Introducing Hundreds of Doctors"

In response to the Project, more than 70 doctors from famous universities at home and abroad, including Tongji University, Xiamen University, Hunan University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Texas A&M University and Kent University in Britain, have been introduced.

With high-level papers shooting up, Yango scholars help to solve world problems

In the 2018-2019 academic year, Yango University obtained three research projects from the Ministry of Education, ranking 3rd in the nation's private colleges and universities and 1st in Fujian's private colleges and universities. 30 high-level papers were published throughout the academic year.

Dr. Bi Gang of Yango University published a research paper on Accurate Restoration of the Tilting Process of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the Past 200 Years online in the top international academic journal Nature's Scientific Reports, which was reported and praised by People's Net, Guangming Daily and China Youth Daily.

Various measures to improve the employment of graduate

Adhering to the application-oriented concept, Yango University has established good relations with local industries to further train more talents needed by the society. The employment rate of students reached 97.5%, 3 percentage points higher than the provincial average.

  • Set up a model of private education in China

The most influential brand in education industry in 2019

With its excellent management team and rich experience in educational operation and management, Yango Education Group won the gold medal among the most influential brands in education industry in 2019 in the famous public welfare festival.

New members of Yango Education Group

Yango Education Group welcomes new partners: Peiwen School in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, Peiwen School in Ninghuai, Jiangsu, Peiwen School in Huzhou, Zhejiang, Peiwen School in Linhai, Zhejiang, Peiwen School in Toumengang, Zhejiang, Peiwen School in Yuexi, Guangdong, Peiwen School in Pingdu of Qingdao, Shandong, Peiwen School in Meihekou, Jilin, Peiwen School in Weinan, Shaanxi, Peiwen School in Langfang, Hebei, Peiwen School in Laibin, Guangxi, Jujian Fuding Cooperative School, etc. 

5 new “five-in-one school” opened throughout the year

In 2019, Yango Education Group opened five primary and secondary schools, including Boya School in Ganjiang New District, Jiangxi, Peiwen School in Laibin, Guangxi, Peiwen School in Weinan, Shaanxi, Peiwen School in Foshan, Guangdong, and School Affiliated to Shanghai Kongjiang Middle School. Now it has owned over 40 K12 schools across China.

Adhere to the principle of cultivating people with moral education, and promote group-based education quality

In 2019, Yango Education Group held seven education summits on various subjects including Chinese, mathematics, English and moral education. Education experts, scholars and teachers from all over the country gathered together to discuss the important and difficult issues in teaching and promote the excellent moral education experience of various schools, aiming to lay a solid foundation for further improving the teaching quality of various schools.

Build a self-consistent, integrated and sustainable education ecosystem

Aiming to build the first brand of study-based trip for young people in China, Deering, a subsidiary of Yango Education Group, has set up more than 30 relevant programs around the world, directly serving more than 100,000 students. It is well received by Chinese parents. 

  • Build a preschool education with nationwide influence

V-BABY of Yango Preschool Group, which focuses on the education of infants aged 0-3, is well trusted and received by Chinese parents and stands out in the industry. Owning more than 200 kindergartens and daycare centers in 23 provinces and cities across the country, it has provided education service for over 300,000 families. It won "the most trusted brand for early education of 2019".

Yango Group(000671.SZ), a high-growth green real estate operator. From taking root in Fujian to making arrangement across the country, from an enterprise with sales of over 10 billion to that of 100 billion, it has achieved high-quality growth at a high speed and ranks among the top 13 real estate companies in China. 

  • Rank top13 in Chinese real estate with sales of over 200 billion

According to the latest "TOP200 Sales Rankings of Chinese Real Estate Enterprises in 2019" released by CRIC, Yango Group achieved annual sales of 211.03 billion in 2019, ranking 13th.

  • Top 14 of China Real Estate, Yango Group has performed well in various aspects

With its fast-growing comprehensive strength and fast and steady high-quality growth, it ranks 14th among the "Top 500 Real Estate Companies in China", with the highest growth rate among the top 10. It ranked 14th among the "2019 Top 100 Chinese Real Estate Enterprises" released by the Middle School.

  • Green smart home with quality guarantee

Orderly promotion of the strategy of green smart home

Yango Group has set up a Green Smart Home Research Institute, which has comprehensively upgraded the technical content and threshold of green smart home products. In addition, it has joined hands with Tsinghua University and other powerful countries to sign five major research topics aimed at promoting the advanced concepts of green health, intelligent life and cultural community represented by green intellectuals.

Many products won international design awards

Yango Group Poly·Kuliang Hill· Fuzhou won the Design Award & Competition design competition indoor space and display design category award 

At the "Fifth Real Estate Design Award China" in 2018-2019, Yango Group successfully won the gold medal in real estate and 16 outstanding awards.

At the second "TOP100 China's Housing Enterprises' Product Power Conference in 2019", Fusion Fuzhou won the "Top Ten Works of 2019 China's Housing"

Yango Group's 12 Major Aesthetic Works Won the Landscape Award of "Yuanye Award"

  • Develop Yango elites who are professional and highly dedicated and stay true to original aspiration

Star executives, Yango dream team

Zhu Rongbin, executive chairman and president of Yango Group, won the title of "2019 China's Top Ten Real Estate CEO of the Year". Meanwhile, Xu Guohong, vice president of Yango Group and Fuzhou's regional president, Zhang Nengdi, vice president of Yango Group and president of Hubei's regional company, Huang Xiaoda, Guangxi's regional president of Yango Group, Wu Le, Jiangxi's regional president of Yango Group, Wu Shengpeng, Sichuan's regional president of Yango Group, and Jiang Biqiang, Anhui's regional president of Yango Group won the Top 100 honorary titles of real estate managers.

Guanghe Project: Yango's talent stratedy lasting for generations

In 2019, Yango Group won China's Best Employer of the Year for seven consecutive years. Guanghe Project has created a comprehensive personnel training system. In 2019, 1,168 people officially graduated, of whom 432, 651 and 85 graduated from three different categories within the project. With the completion of Guanghe Project 1.0, more and more Yango elites who are professional and highly dedicated and stay true to original aspiration shine in the Yango Group.

  • Yango Group Committee established 

On December 9, 2019, the Committee of the Communist Party of China Yango Group Co., Ltd. was formally established, with 1,703 party members from 14 branches of the group " Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind " and contributing Yango to the society through party building.

Yango Finance

Yango Finance relies on its own strong group strength and the perspective of global assets, and its business covers financial services such as wealth management, asset management, inclusive finance and financial technology.

  • Won 2019 Outstanding Wealth Management Company

With its excellent professional team, strong group strength and innovative service mode, Huamian Wealth won the 2019 "Golden Amber" Outstanding Wealth Management Award and stood out among many wealth management organizations. 

  • Professional service helps customers increase wealth

Huamian Wealth's VIP Customer Appreciation Annual Meeting in 2019 successfully ends in Fuzhou. The two-day thank-you meeting is like a feast of wealth and culture, allowing high-net-worth customers from all over the country to experience the strength and high-speed growth of Huamian Wealth in a close and all-round way. At the same time, the member value-added service system initiated by Huamian Wealth was officially launched at the appreciation banquet.

  • Accelerating the national expansion and building brand influence

In the past two years, Huamian Wealth has brought together financial elites from Chinese and foreign banks, securities, funds, trusts and large-scale wealth management institutions with strong brand influence, and has built a professional wealth management team with high professional standards and rich experience. Up to now, Huamian Wealth has established 40 branches in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Bohai Rim, Fujian Province and Middle Western areas of China.

To be an enterprise that promotes both commercial and social progress and shows Chinese enterprises the World.