Finance Sector

Yango Holdings is the first private-owned majority shareholder of Industrial Bank Co., Ltd,. It has set up OneBank, Strait Life Insurance and Yango Securities. It owns an integrated financial services platform based on wealth management, asset management, consumer finance, financial technology, Internet finance and other functions.



OneBank is initiated by Yango Holdings. It is the third Chinese bank using the distributed Internet technology after Shenzhen Webank and Zhejiang MYbank. The bank defines the strategic positioning of "Benefiting people through technological finance", sticks to the business concept of "basing on finance and utilizing Internet" and constructs its core business framework around "Technological finance, inclusive finance, convenient payment and wealth management".

China Industrial Bank Co., Ltd.

Yango Holdings invested in CIB. In 2016, CIB ranked 32nd among the global banks and the 195th among the Global 500, meanwhile listed as one of the “50 most profitable companies among the Global 500”. In the same year, CIB earned a business income of RMB 157.06 billion, with a net profit of RMB 53.85 billion.


Strait Life Insurance

Yango City Group, a subsidiary of Yango Holdings, jointly initiated the founding of Strait Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Strait Life will adhere to the business concept of "basing in Fujian and serving Taiwan with national coverage", and provide clients with effective insurance coverage. Strait Life is committed to being an innovative life insurance company with distinct development features, obvious competitive advantage of location, quality and efficient service, excellent brand image and continuous increase in value.


Yango Securities

Yango Group, a subsidiary of Yango Holdings, initiated to establish Yango Securities and the application has been accepted by the CSRC.

Cooperation Brands