Corporate Culture

Yango's genetic code: three areas of confidence Confidence in the culture:

Our belief
Dreaming with Yango (literary meaning of the Chinese name is “sunshine”)

With Yango – making progress with a bold heart and being aboveboard
Dreaming – building a life full of achievements while keeping the entire motherland in mind

Yango relates to heart, being a winner in your life with upright heart and excellent character; dreaming relates to action, family regulated, country governed and benefiting the whole world


Offer employees a platform for self-fulfillment, impress clients with what surpasses their expectation, and give shareholders a sustainable business


Impress clients with what surpasses their expectation
Offer employees a platform for self-fulfillment
Give shareholders a sustainable and promising business

Maintain the progressiveness of top-level design
Elite governance

Attract and train an entrepreneurial manager team.
Be cautious in recruitment and long-term retention, and strict with selection by the rule of quality first.

80 percentile personnel + partner system.
Be wise in employment and dismissal, and flexible in promotion and demotion.
Fully empower and effectively supervise.

Separation of powers
Maintain the progressiveness of culture
Our Values
Simple and transparent

Self-disciplined with positive energy, and refuse any under the table deal

Disclose the transparent process, and refuse trivial formalities

Result oriented

Solve problems and provide schemes, do not go with the tide

Check the facts, data and results, do not muddle along

Win-win cooperation

Facilitate cooperation with the open and inclusive attitude, and do not stuck in the past and limit the development

Share with others, and do not square accounts in every detail