Yango Longking is always a company with sense of mission.

We firmly believe that the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is an attainable accomplishment of our generation. Being members of Yango Longking means we will carry out the national mission as our own responsibility.

There will certainly be a batch of world-class enterprises in China. “Chinese governance” will emerge around the globe. Yango Longking does not hesitate to take the lead. We are bound to carve out a bright future and make a good fortune.

Mr. Lin Tengjiao

Representative of National People's Congress
Director of Industrial Bank
Chairman of the Board of Yango Longking Group Co., Ltd.

In 1995, Mr. Lin Tengjiao came back China and started a business, with a firm determination to “revitalize the nation with education and make contributions to the country with corporate growth”. He is dedicated to be an entrepreneur who promotes commercial civilization and social progress. While being successful in his career, Mr. Lin actively engages in public philanthropy, with a direct donation of over RMB 630 million. During his life and career, he has been honored with numerous awards and titles including “11th Chinese Youth May Fourth Medal”, one of the “Ten Meritorious People of 1st Chinese Philanthropy”, “Peking University Education Award”, one of the “Ten Outstanding People of 2nd National Non-government Education”, Figure Touching Fujian during 30 Years of Charity for Children from 1981 to 2011,“Fujian Hope Project 20-year Special Contribution Award”, Forever Honorary President of Fujian Hope Project and Fujian Guangcai Program Outstanding Contribution Award.